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Moving from Passion to Practice:  Celebrating 19 years of Supporting Education

Moving from Passion to Practice:  Celebrating 19 years of Supporting Education


ABWHE specializes in engaging in thoughtful solutions to challenging strategic and operational concerns in the areas of educating minority youth and adult learners, as well as building a climate of access and success within organizations for employees.  



"Dedicated to the task of fostering and expanding the historically substantive role of Black women in higher education."

Members have over 100 years of experience in K-12, higher education, profit as well as non-profit agencies in order to provide consultative services to institutions seeking to advance academic excellence, cultural literacy and sustainability, access and success programs for underrepresented and under-prepared students, in addition to cultivating environments of inclusion and equity for students and employees within any organization.

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Stay abreast of intellectual discussions that are taking place across the globe about the importance of providing access opportunities for underrepresented students and employees, as well as best-practices to ensure their success within K-12 and Higher Education.


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